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Insights from building an MQTT based User Interface

Note: Nov. 27, 2015, this is a quick first draft. I will be adding more details over the next few days including code snippets. Here are some insights gained from building an actual MQTT based UI. Using a system consisting of a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Jessie installed on an 8GB class 10 SD […]

Building a browser based User Interface with MQTT

This post is focused on use with a Raspberry Pi but should also apply to most Linux systems. It all started when I was trying to find a way to have Python code in the SIP irrigation control software  project update an image on a page of the program’s web UI. When I tried goggling […]

Installing Mosquitto MQTT broker on Raspberry Pi (with websockets)

This post describes the steps I used to set up the Mosquitto MQTT broker (server) with websockets enabled on a Raspberry Pi . This can provide two-way communication between Python programs and JavaScript. For example: A python program can send a message and have JavaScript update part of a web page in a way that […]