I purchased a Raspberry Pi (Pi for short) credit card size computer a couple of months ago. I’ve been experimenting with it and having way too much fun to think about blogging. It runs a version of Linux. For a long time I thought about learning Linux but never had a compelling reason until now. […]

An atmometer is an instrument that measures evaporation and simulates transpiration by plants. It is an aid to irrigation scheduling and can also be useful for studying microclimates. It simulates plant transpiration by drawing water from a reservoir by capillary action then allowing the water to evaporate from a surface that is exposed to the […]

There is a lot of information on the net about drip irrigation systems. Many of the sites with detailed instructions seem to be focused on farm type setups.  I want to share the development of a system for my small home garden. The information that follows is for the benefit of home gardeners, especially for […]


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